A Christmas Story

When I was young I thought it strange
that God could simply be
Removed from winter storage
and put beneath a tree

Among candy canes and mistletoe
and jolly old Saint Nick
With pork and fowl and stale fruitcake
which always made me sick

A beer, a shot, a poker game
to make the season jolly
And grandma who was fast asleep
beneath a heap of holly

Mom and Dad were all strung out
with tinsel, balls and lighting
While sis and I were up in bed
with one another fighting

About some fat old bearded man
who knew what we were thinking
While all the rest of my small town
was in some tavern drinking

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot
and days of o'lang syne?”

Is that what this is all about
this special time of year
When God Himself from heaven sent
His Son to join us here?

For unto us a child is born
a Son is truly given
Peace on earth, good will toward men
whose sin is now forgiven

“Joy to the world, our Savior's come!”,
the angels did proclaim.
“Immanuel, God with us
Y'shua is HIs name!”

Kings with gifts from foreign lands
to Bethlehem gave flight
Wise enough to understand
the meaning of that night

Shepherds with their flocks of sheep
a silent vigil keeping
While nestled in His mother's arms
a special child was sleeping

“This is my beloved Son
with whom I am well pleased”
Was heard by all who stood there
and falling on their knees

Began to shout “Hosanna!,
to God be all the glory”
And that is why I had to write
this simple Christmas story

For what has light with darkness,
or lies with grace and truth?
And what has Christ with Christmas
or Santa on your roof?

From whence did these traditions come
which hotly do conspire
To turn you from the truth of God
and set your soul on fire?

From mans' imagination
have these traditions come
Based in earth and hell below
are each and every one

Come out from among it all
touch nothing that unclean
Partake not of forbidden fruit
and then God will be seen

In all His righteous glory;
the begotten Father's Son
The light which enlightens every man
The Way, the Truth, the One