A Dark Sleep

And now a dark sleep waits for me
I've seen it thrice before
I saw it in my father's face
And in my heart twice more

What lurks behind the cellar door
The step by step descent
Into the dark and musky room
Where death's decay's the scent

How long must we remain in shroud
Until death's furnace door
Is opened to receive our stench
And cleanse the earth once more

All that remains within the ash
Is folly and deceit
The vain pursuit of pleasure here
Is swept into the street

And what of us who linger on
What story can be told
What meaning is there in this life
What secrets will unfold

The dust of death is everywhere
The fall is now complete
The essence of our life's not found
In all the things we seek

The heart was meant for God alone
The world belongs to him
The answer is not found without
The secret lies within

To love the Lord our God is all
We ever really need
To meditate upon his word
And germinate the seed

That has been planted in our hearts
His Spirit we embrace
He guides us each and every day
Until we win the race

So life and death are in our hands
The choice is ours you see
Make sure the path you walk upon
Fulfills the destiny

That leads to life forevermore 
That's always been his plan
He once was here and ran that race
Before the world began