A Simple Story

God thought about the world one day,
And in His mind began to say,
“The heavens shall declare My glory!”
And that’s just how this simple story
Began, one night, so long ago,
When God’s own Spirit here below
Awoke the earth from its dark sleep;
And dawn broke early that first week,
Because God said, “Let there be light!”
From day to day, and night to night.

And then God saw in His mind’s eye
A perfect place to put the sky;
Between the water high and low
A mighty wind began to blow,
And, soon, the heavens did appear
The second day of that first year;
God then cupped water in His hand,
And in its place He formed dry land;
The earth was named, and then the Seas;
And with it all God was well pleased.

The third day grass began to sprout,
And seed was scattered all about;
And from the roots of every seed
Grew all the food we’d ever need;
Then God perfumed the morning air
With plants, and flowers everywhere;
Now, as the light began to fade,
God looked, again, on what He’d made,
And from the forest where He stood,
God thought the earth looked pretty good.

Day four took no one by surprise
When God strung lights across the skies,
And, from His pockets, pulled two spheres
To mark the days and count the years;
For signs, and seasons, night and day,
The sun and moon came out to play;
And, in the twilight, one could see
A trillion twinkling stars that He
Hung in space to tell the story
Of Creation, and His glory.

Now, in His wisdom, God sure knew
Just what, exactly, He would do
With all the water here on earth;
And, that is why, He soon gave birth
To all the fish within His dreams;
Then dumped them in the ponds, and streams,
And lakes, and seas, and riverbeds, 
And scattered birds above their heads;
“Be fruitful now, and stay alive!”
And that’s what happened on day five.

Well, if you think day five was good,
Just take a look at what God would
Accomplish on a sixth day fling;
Beasts, and cattle, and creeping things!
Man in His image and likeness made;
Male, and female, and then He bade
Them multiply, and tend the lands
That He was placing in their hands;
Every green herb would be their food;
Then, God said, “It is very good!”

Heaven and earth will pass away,
But ‘till that time, the seventh day
Is sanctified, and truly blessed;
And, God commands us all to rest,
For on that day His work did end;
The Sabbath is a time to spend
Remembering what God has done,
His mighty hand, the victory won;
So, now, ends this simple story;
And to God be all the glory…Amen!