Before I Can Move On

It seems that I've been here before
the longer that I live
And so there must be something more
that I am meant to give

There must be lessons to be learned
before I can move on
There must be battles to be won
before the break of dawn

It seems as if time had stood still
the moment I was born
But as the days turned into years 
I wonder where they've gone

There must be journeys to be made
and wrongs turned into right
There must be dragons still to slay
before the dark of night

It seems as if I'd been asleep
for oh so many years
And now that I am sore awake
there are so many fears

There must be others left behind
that need me to explain
There must questions still to ask 
and that's why I remain

It seems as if there comes a day
when time itself is gone
Until that day I must obey 
before I can move on