Before Too Long

If I would die before too long
I'd sing to you this happy song
To you this song I'd gladly sing
For you have given me the wings

To soar beyond the world I knew
A world I'd grown accustomed to
A world that never was my home
This lonely world I'd always known

But then one day you came along
And gave to me this happy song
You gave to me this song to sing
And now to you this song I bring

Before too long I'd like to say
That even if I die today
The world I knew is dead and gone
No longer mine to gaze upon

Another world you've given me
You've given me the eyes to see
That far beyond this world is home
Where I will never be alone

For you will always be with me
From now through all eternity
And so to you I sing this song
Because to you I now belong

So far beyond all time and space
There does exist another place
A place where you and I belong
A place for us to sing this song