If I Could Take You

If I could take you by the hand
and walk with you across the sands
Of time until we reached the shore
where space and time exist no more

Where all our visions and our dreams
are floating by in crystal streams
Where all our doubts and all our fears
are bottled up with all our tears

And cast into a deep blue sea
until what's left is you and me
Upon the beach a sign would read
"No Fishing Here" for it's agreed

That loneliness and all regret
are things that we must now forget
For happiness and inner peace
are now for us and will increase

With each and every passing day
until at last we're bound to say
"We've never dreamed of life like this
a life of never ending bliss!"

And with a sigh and with a kiss
with warm embrace we'd reminisce
About the time we ventured here
it seems as if a thousand years

Are passing by with each new day
and so there's nothing more to say
Except eternal life like this 
is nothing more than consciousness

Within a realm as yet unseen
by those of us who've never dreamed
That there exists a life like this
a life of never ending bliss