Life And Death

Scarcely have we caught our breath
when life is swallowed up in death
And space and time continue on
but not for us for we are gone 
Like sea foam on some restless shore
we once were here and are no more

And all that's really left behind
is what's remembered in the mind
Of those we've helped along the way
who'll live to see another day
So count the days and mark the years
and number all the joy and tears

For nothing here will soon remain
and how in death will you explain
To Him who gave you life and breath
and measures in His hands the depth
Of love for things not here on earth
but found within the second birth

When stepping out of time and space
we come to see Him face to face
No longer chasing after wind
and longing to abide in Him
We manifest His love and grace
redeeming time and then embrace

A passion for His kingdom come
when truly will His name be one
And every nation, tribe and tongue
will sing the praises that were sung
In ancient days and realms unseen
when all that is was in the dreams

Of Him in whom we live and breathe
and in our being have received
Eternal life and have begun
a timeless journey with the One
For whom and by all things were made
and on whose shoulders have been laid

The burden of our hopes and fears
the endless passing of the years
The pain and sorrow we endure
like all of those who've come before
And in the end a breathless sigh
is all that's left and then we die

The story of our life is brief
the page is turned an empty leaf
For like the sun scorched desert sand
there's nothing here that can withstand
The judgement that was once decreed
for all of us are Adam's seed