Love Among The Ruins

Lost among the ruins
of future days long past
Looking for the promise
of dreams that never last

Hope that springs eternal
has come and now is gone
Time is of the essence
but time is moving on

Prayers that go unanswered
and nights that last all day
Hearts both torn and broken
what more is there to say

Love among the ruins
like shards of broken glass
Sharp and painful memories
of happiness long past

Life is but a nightmare
impossible to wake
Shackled to the heartache
impossible to break

Mornings are all evenings
the sun will never shine
Silence the companion
a music without rhyme

Love is an illusion
forever lost in time
Lost is the intrusion
forever on the mind

Life among the ruins
impossible to live
Love among the ruins
impossible to give

Death is now the victory
all sorrow swept away
Take me now and quickly
what more is there to say