My Love For You

My love for you is fragile
and not easy to explain 
The stirring deep within me
at the mention of your name

The happiness inside me
when I see you face to face
The longing to be with you 
is not easy to erase

Often do I think of you
when I'm not by your side
And often have I tried to
understand the reason why

For what is happening to me
is not easy to explain
And where this all is leading
for the time must now remain

Shrouded in a mystery 
an enigma I am told
Not easy to unravel 
for we travel on a road

That long ago was destined
to lead us where we are
Not sure just how we got here
but I'm sure we're not that far

For God is not the author
of confusion I am told
That answers to the questions
and their meanings will unfold

Like petals of a flower
gently showered by the rain
We're open to his blessings
but in faithfulness remain

True to who we are inside  
our lives are just the sum
Of all the choices made here
all the victories we have won

The loneliness and longing
all the doubts and many fears
The trials and temptations
all the sadness and the tears

Are making us much stronger
so no longer do we doubt
The reason we belong here
what our life is all about

To love the Lord our God
is the duty of the soul
To love each other truly
has always been the goal

The gift is not in giving 
what was never ours to keep
And sowing in abundance 
in abundance we will reap

Because we hold this treasure
in earthen vessels weak
We must return quite often
for these earthen vessels leak

To him who lives within us
the source of all that is
In whom we have our being
and in seeing this we live

In each and every moment
for that's all we have in time
And with this sacred knowledge
we acknowledge the divine

Which is alive around us
and surrounding us with love
Sublime and precious moments
that are falling from above

Not open to inspection
nor reflection by the mind
But in the spirit quickened
and in heart and soul refined

So this divine appointment
both confusing and profound
Is now our special moment
and embracing it we've found

A love that is transcendent
beyond reason and all rhyme
A friendship that is special
and forever in the mind

And so with this I leave you
not to grieve you but in kind
To thank you for the blessing 
that your life has been to mine