Although the paths are many
the road is still the same
We live and die and wonder why 
we ever played the game

The rules are really simple
and time's not on our side
We sow and reap and never keep
the things we've come to prize

How often do we tremble
at thoughts we cannot hide
How little do we understand
the emptiness inside

Cannot be filled with trinkets
we find along the way
Nor can we ever be assured
we have another day

To make our life worth living
to change the road we're on
to choose the path that leads to life
the reason we were born

To love the Lord our God
with all our heart and soul 
To love our neighbor as ourself
has always been the goal

So death is not an ending
this life's not all there is
And God is waiting patiently
because He longs to give

Eternal life to those who choose
to read between the lines
Who labor long in endless quest
to understand the times

Whose hearts are always seeking
much more than meets the eye
Whose goal it is to mend the earth
somehow before they die

Life is but a paradox
a dream within a dream
We live to die and die to live
it's what life really means