In The Shadow Of His Wings

God is in the shadows
He’s waiting in the wings
For His chosen people 
to understand some things

That He’s the One they’ve sought
for all these many years
The Prophet, Priest and King
who’ll wipe away their tears

Mashiach Ben Joseph
the One Who holds their hand
Mashiach Ben David
the One Who’ll rule the land

Oh, Yerushalayim
I longed to gather you
Under wings of safety
instead I was pierced through

For all of your transgressions
and sins were placed on Me
I carried them across 
the road to Calvary

A hill named Golgotha
was where I died that day
I left my Father’s side
there was a price to pay

In Eden Adam sinned
and sin brought death to all
In heaven God had planned
just how to mend the fall

For God so loved the world
He gave His only Son
That whosoever would
believe that He had won

The victory once for all
o’er hell, death and the grave
Might now live forever
it’s you I came to save

Y’shua HaMashiach
the One who holds your hand
Y’shua HaMashiach
the One Who’ll rule the land

Oh, Yerushalayim
your Prophet, Priest and king
Still longs to gather you
in the shadow of His wings