"How precious it is to rise at midnight in order to pray and meditate and study Torah. Try to make it a regular practice. Then you will be worthy of succeeding in the task of separating the good from the evil in the world. You will also develop a good memory - which means always to remember your purpose in life and to keep in mind the enduring life you are destined for in the end. You must recognize that everything you do in this world only has meaning in relation to the World to Come. You should reflect on every experience which G-d sends you: consider all the different situations you find yourself in each day. The only purpose of all of them is to offer you hints as to how you can draw closer to G-d at every moment. This is the only true and enduring goal in the world. The entire purpose of man's being sent into this world is only to come closer to G-d. All the days of his vanity, all the experiences he has on each one of them are only for this."

(Likute Moharan 1, 54).

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810)

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