The Spirit Speaks

In groanings deep and without words
the Spirit speaks and what is heard
Cannot be uttered here on earth
but found within the second birth

Are mysteries no longer sealed
but by the Spirit are revealed 
To hearts and minds that in accord
are in agreement with the Lord

And so in visions and in dreams
what once was hidden now is seen 
Not to the wise but unto babes
are all these revelations made

For seeing yet they never see
what is so clear to you and me
And hearing yet they never hear
the voice of Him who is so near

Like beasts of burden they are led
by all the passions in their head
To live a life without remorse
and in the end will die of course

Because they never count the cost
Paradise to them is lost
Forever closed is heaven's gate
for in the end it is too late

Take time now to change the course
to live a life without remorse
To live a life that's in accord
and in agreement with the Lord